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Ombre Remy Human Hair Clip in Extensions 16OR 20 inch Full Head Thick to Ends

Ombre Remy Human Hair Clip in Extensions 16OR 20 inch Full Head Thick to Ends

Ombre Remy Human Hair Clip in Extensions 16OR 20 inch Full Head Thick to Ends    Ombre Remy Human Hair Clip in Extensions 16OR 20 inch Full Head Thick to Ends
Please Note: The Product Listing Covers Three Types of Sets. 16"-18"long 130g; 20"-22"long 120g; 20"-22"long 160g. (Full Length may vary about 0.5-1 inch among sets due to the handmade nature, so we labeled as a range).

Browsing through colors, the hair length and weight info can be told by the price shown. 1 x 8 wide weft (4 clips attached). 1 x 7 wide weft (3 clips attached). 2 x 6 wide weft (3 clips attached).

2 x 4 wide weft (2 clips attached each). 4 x 1.5 wide weft (1 clip attached each). Set weight is 130grams (4.6oz) and its length passes your breast.

Recommended for customers who have fine, medium thick or thick hair to add length & volume. 1 x 6 wide weft (3 clips attached). Set Weight is 120grams/4.3oz and its length reaches your waist.

Recommended for customers who have fine type of hair to add length & volume. Set Weight is 153grams (5.3oz) and its length reaches your waist.

We are located in the Downtown New Rochelle (close to the Train Station), a city just north of NYC. Nearby customers are welcome to visit us after contacting us in case you need to catch an event in a hurry, or you feel it's hard to find the right color extensions just based on pictures and computer screens. Ombre hairstyles are trendy, sexy and stylish, and they are hotter than ever this year.

Our 100% remy human hair clip in extensions can magically transform your hair look with long and flowing hair by yourself in just minutes without the cost and hassle of dye, tape, glue or weaving at salons. 100% Premium remy (remi) human hair tangle free shedding free and can last up to 12 months.

Can be treated & styled like your own hair, holds up wash by wash, curling & straightening in a proper manner. Sewn with high quality metal clips with silicon coating that are secure to grip, comfortable to wear & small to hide. With many pieces per set, flexibly fit for customers who have fine, medium thick, or thick hair to add length & volume with ONE set. Perfect for your regular wear / daily use or for your party events prom, night-out, wedding, etc. As a brand we set the quality standards and directly control the manufacturing process.

Human hair extensions vary significantly in quality and pricing, due to the fact that, unlike electronics, equipment, books or even clothing, they are not made with uniform standards among different manufacturers and sellers. The same product title/descriptions can mean substantially different things. We guarantee the quality of our extensions as below.

100% Premium Remy Human Hair hair that keeps cuticles aligned in the same direction and can be treated and styled like your own hair from time to time. Real/quality human hair is not cheap as it has to be harvested from peoples heads. Due to the high market demand, its not uncommon today for human hair to be mixed with synthetic fibers and/or animal hair. When you get hair from us or others, we encourage you to test it by burning, bleaching or curling. Synthetic or inferior hair has different reactions to tests from human hair.

Wefts Keeping Thickness from Top to End , ensuring your natural look. Most human hair extensions on market are very thick at the top but super thin at ends because too much short hair is put into wefts (shorter hair is much cheaper than longer hair). But we deliver what customers really need with restrictive standards to ensure bottom thickness in each weft. Quality Clips and Good sewing work.

Clips are selected and sewed satisfying four criteria: secure to grip, comfortable to wear, easy to apply on and small to hide from. Good sewing work ensures hair shedding or fraying the least as well as wefts made evenly & neatly. Full Length and Full weight as Described. Each weft is about 1" to 2" longer than the listed length, giving you room to trim off without sacrifice of length.

Our extensions not only have accurate weight information listed, but consumers can expect each set to have 15% more hair than others at this weight with the very light clips used. E nvironment-friendly, Ethically sourced and traceable. We control these through every step from the raw hair through finished products. All applicable laws must be obeyed and all related workers' rights be respected. We only use qualified and reputable suppliers who live up to high ethical standards, who are distinguished from those underground or regulation evading sort of home based mills in developing countries.

Choosing the right hair may be not as easy as you think. You need to clearly know about your hair e. Color, thickness, texture, length and your purpose. We have experienced salon stylists who can offer you free consultation upon inquiry. Multiple Methods to Address Color Match Issues.

1 We take high definition product photos to reflect the true color & texture; 2 we do the color. Fast, Convenient and Responsive Communications.

Well usually respond just in minutes to emails, or no later than 24 hours in extreme cases. AK & HI & PR. The instructions below are followed.

Upon receipt of your order, you may inspect the hair quality and color by gently taking the cardboard with extensions out of the plastic bag, taking off the net, and touching the hair matching the color with your hair. Please DO NOT open the golden security ties holding the extensions together, or remove the extensions from its supporting cardboard, or alter, spot, spray or liquid anything on the extensions and packaging materials in any way; otherwise the item may not be eligible for return. You should gently push the cardboard with the extensions/nets slowly into the bottom opening of the plastic bag and then throughout its body. Then shake a little bit to make sure everything is back to its original packaging conditions, and seal the plastic bag. Typically just looking at our product pictures is good enough to find a color match as we do our best to take product photos in natural and sunny.

Lights to reflect true colors. Last but not least, we are happy provide a color ring loan service for you to find perfect match upon your inquiry. Feedback & Problem - Solving. We guarantee that our extensions are meticulously made quality products, and we strive for the best customer service. However, we understand that nothing can avoid mishaps or mistakes.

In case this happens, please rest assured we'll do our best to work it out for you. Please give us a chance to correct errors. Or resolve an issue we may have made. With three years of hair styling experience (Jane) and more than five years of professional experiences in hair wig & extensions manufacturing (Meg), we strive to serve customers with high quality handmade remy human hair products at an affordable and unbeatable price.

Our meticulously handmade clip in hair extensions provide a quick and easy solution to enhance your hair look by yourself without the hassle of glue, tape, micro link/loop, or weave at hair extensions salons. Whether you have fine hair or short hair but want to get thicker, fuller and longer, or you just want to be sexy and stylish with natural, lush and long hair, or you need to cover a bad haircut or a hair-thinning problem, our hair extensions can be a great solution. QUALITY GUARANTEES, HONEST PRICING and SALON STYLIST CONSULTATION set us apart. How to Simply Tell Quality Human Hair Extensions from Synthetic Hair Extensions? When burning, it immediately catches fire and burns nearly instantly with a strong and unpleasant smell, then curls into a chunk of black balls. The balls can be easily pinched into ash. But synthetic hair usually melts slowly rather than burns, and has almost no smell.

If it does burn, it can have black smoke just as you burn plastic or synthic materials. Even if there are balls left, the hard balls can't be pinched into ash. In addition, human hair is friendly with straightening and curling, and can be colored or bleached in a proper manner, but synthetic hair not at all. What are Clip-in Hair Extensions?

They are a Do It Yourself method to install hair extensions without long-term bonding. Compared to permanent methods like gluing, weaving or fusion, clip-in extensions attach to hair using pressure sensitive clips and causing less damage to your own hair. The installation is quick and easy and the extensions can perfectly match with your own hair - giving you longer hair, thicker hair, lowlights, highlights, etc. Low cost, easy to apply, low maintenance and less hair damage these make clip-in hair extensions a popular option among consumers who. Want new hair appearance and fun. How long does my own hair need to be to use clip in hair extensions? As a general rule, we find as long as you have shoulder length hair, or about 6 or more inches in length, you should be okay.

If you hair is fine to medium thick and longer than shoulders, the extensions can easily blend with. If you have above shoulder length hair or your hair is very thick, adding extensions may be a bit more difficult because the extensions add additional thickness to the hair you have already, and the additional length you get from the extensions will always be a bit thinner.

A solution for this is to have hair layered first so the short layers are the thickest and the longest layers the thinnest, by which the blending will look natural. Curling the hair extensions with your hair can further give you a even better blending result. Do clip hair extensions have to match perfectly to your natural hair in color? This is the beauty of hair extensions.

They are set in between the different layers of your hair. So a natural blending effect will take place. In this case, an exact match is typically not necessary and a slightly different color of hair extensions will often add to your appearance with a new look.

Can I perm and/or dye the hair? While we don't recommend perming or coloring hair extensions because of the possible damage to hair, they can be permed or dyed. Since perming or dyeing requires skills, experience and particular processing products, we recommend an experienced hair professional does the work. Please carefully follow the brochure instructions we enclosed in your package.

To keep things simple, the following should be considered. First look at the color of the bottom inches of the top layers of your hair in natural lights. Then compare the color of the extensions you want.

Generallythe shade and tones should be similar or closer to your bottom hair. 2 Quality of hair extensions.

This at least involves the quality of hair, clips and weft making. First, hair quality varies greatly, with the best lasting a year and poor quality lasting only for one use.

Secondly, the clips should be secure to grip, comfortable to wear, easy to apply, and light and small enough to hide. Good weft making means that there are good hair thickness even at the bottom, that hair is shedding or fraying the least, and that the wefts are made neatly and evenly. 3 Your Hair Thickness and Texture Both hair thickness and hair texture varies significantly among people. If you natural hair is fine and long, then getting extensions with less volumeof hair should be sufficient. If your hair is thick or short, then getting extensions with larger volume of hair.

Hair texture can be straight, wavy or curly with varying degrees. If you natural hair is straight, hair extensions can blend with your hair in just minutes. If you hair is wavy or curly, you may choose to make the extensions wavy or curly as well. Clip-in extensions are easier to blend with shoulder length hair or even longer hair.

But a lot of customers with above shoulder length hair may even want hair extensions more. The solution for this is to layer your short hair so that short layers are the thickest and longest layers the thinnest, then curl your hair and hair extensions, then they can blend amazingly well. 5 Purpose of Use Good Clip-in extensions offer flexibility and versatility for customers to try multiple styles. Each of our sets include wide, medium wide and narrow wefts, designed to fit with a range of customers who are different in head size, hair thickness and style preference. Even with the four or six 1.5 wide pieces alone, you have the flexibility to use them for creating streaks, or use some of them for your desired look, or use one of them as testers before styling the whole set.

How to Take Care of Clip-in Hair Extensions? Given the tender nature of h. Uman hair, the quality and lifespan of the extensions largely depends on how they are worn and taken care of. The way you care for human hair extensions is not very different from the way you care for your own hair.

Just keep in mind that human hair extensions, unlike our own growing hair on scalp, can no longer get nourishment and moisture from roots. Moreover, the hair may have been processed including coloring to achieve the current color results. So we cannot expect them to be as strong as our own hair. They need extra nourishment and extra care.

Please follow the proven care, styling and maintenance tips & instructions we complied on the brochure in your package. The item "Ombre Remy Human Hair Clip in Extensions 16OR 20 inch Full Head Thick to Ends" is in sale since Sunday, July 13, 2014. This item is in the category "Health & Beauty\Hair Care & Styling\Hair Extensions & Wigs\Hair Extensions". The seller is "bestvaluehairproducts" and is located in New Rochelle, New York. This item can be shipped to United States, all countries in Europe, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Bermuda.
  • Style: Straight, smooth & silky
  • Length: 16"-18" (42cm-46cm) OR 20"-22" (53cm-56cm)
  • Weight: 4.6oz/130grams- 5.4oz/153grams
  • Hair Type: Item Description for Pricing/Length/Weight info
  • Texture: Straight, Silky and Smooth
  • Attachment: Clip-In
  • Brand: SalonHair

Ombre Remy Human Hair Clip in Extensions 16OR 20 inch Full Head Thick to Ends    Ombre Remy Human Hair Clip in Extensions 16OR 20 inch Full Head Thick to Ends