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Twin Size Bunk Loft Bed Solid Wood Teen Child Bedroom Furniture Shelves Ladder

Twin Size Bunk Loft Bed Solid Wood Teen Child Bedroom Furniture Shelves Ladder
Twin Size Bunk Loft Bed Solid Wood Teen Child Bedroom Furniture Shelves Ladder
Twin Size Bunk Loft Bed Solid Wood Teen Child Bedroom Furniture Shelves Ladder
Twin Size Bunk Loft Bed Solid Wood Teen Child Bedroom Furniture Shelves Ladder
Twin Size Bunk Loft Bed Solid Wood Teen Child Bedroom Furniture Shelves Ladder
Twin Size Bunk Loft Bed Solid Wood Teen Child Bedroom Furniture Shelves Ladder
Twin Size Bunk Loft Bed Solid Wood Teen Child Bedroom Furniture Shelves Ladder
Twin Size Bunk Loft Bed Solid Wood Teen Child Bedroom Furniture Shelves Ladder
Twin Size Bunk Loft Bed Solid Wood Teen Child Bedroom Furniture Shelves Ladder
Twin Size Bunk Loft Bed Solid Wood Teen Child Bedroom Furniture Shelves Ladder
Twin Size Bunk Loft Bed Solid Wood Teen Child Bedroom Furniture Shelves Ladder

Twin Size Bunk Loft Bed Solid Wood Teen Child Bedroom Furniture Shelves Ladder   Twin Size Bunk Loft Bed Solid Wood Teen Child Bedroom Furniture Shelves Ladder

Twin Size Bunk Loft Bed Solid Wood Teen Child Bedroom Furniture Shelves Ladder. Maximize space in your home with the Kane Twin Loft Bed with Bookshelf. Solid Pine and Rubberwood construction creates a sturdy bunk for kids or visiting family and friends. An open shelf bookcase provides optimal room for storage and display options. Easy-to-climb ladder and guard rails are included for added support and security.

Wooden mattress slats provide support for a standard size twin mattress. No box spring required Ideal bed for children. Better Homes and Gardens Kane Twin Loft Bed features a traditional style for a classic look in any bedroom. The elevated platform is complemented by an open shelf bookcase that maximizes space in your home. Store children's toys, books, craft materials and more among the three shelves.

Kids will love the free space the lofted bed creates to play, study and spend time! The solid wood construction creates a high quality and durable foundation for your kids. The lofted bed features clean and simple lines to match most any decor. Wooden mattress slats are included to support a standard twin size mattress, eliminating any need for a box spring.

The Kane is equipped with guardrails to keep the lofted bed secure and safe and an easy-to-climb ladder, leaving parents worry-free while their child sleeps. Available in an array of finishes to fit any style.

Multiple finishes available: Mocha, White, Gray, Black & Natural. Dimensions: 79.75" W x 60.625" D x 64.875 H (202.5 cm x 154 cm x 164.8 cm).

Model #s: BH18-084-097-26, BH18-084-097-27, BH18-084-097-28, BHW-10010, BHW-10012. Price Per Unit UOM: Each. PPU Quantity of Units: 1.0000 Each. Product Name: Better Homes & Gardens Kane Twin Loft Bed, Multiple Finishes.

Size: 79.75" W x 60.625" D x 64.875 H. Assembled Product Weight: 121.25 lbs. Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 79.75 x 60.62 x 64.88 Inches. Perfect for my 6 year old daughter. Gives my child more space in his room, and its sturdy too.

Perfect for my 6 year old! Put a desk underneath and she loved it!

Also, great as a twin bed when the bunk bed is no longer needed! Sturdy and nice white color! Easy to assemble (took my husband and I about 2.5 hours total), instructions were really clear. The box was VERY HEAVY so I feel terribly for the person who had to deliver it upstairs.

After assemble my 6 year old loves it. There is, however, no weight limit posted anywhere on the box or website. I believe it will last many years and would definitely recommend. I bought this for my 6 year old daughter.

All of the parts came and were not damaged. I put this together by myself in about 4 hours. 2 people are needed to lift the upper bunk on the lower support. The instructions were easy to follow. The bed feels sturdy and I felt comfortable laying in it. The guard rails are a good height to keep a child safe with a 6-8 inch mattress. Easy instructions and ours came in great condition. Only negative is space between slats is too wide-going to put a super thin layer of plywood/particle board down before I put on mattress. All solid wood and no nicks or scuffs-color was true to pic (we went with natural). Nice bed my 7 year old loves it. Assembly is easy but need 2 people for competition. We love so much we have a lot space my son love it. It was easy to put together and the directions were clear.

Do yourself a favor and get an electric screwdriver or drill with a hex bit; it will save you at least an hour on assembly time. The bed is sufficiently sturdy. I could not ask for better.

Our 9 year old loves her loft bed! Sturdy and perfect for a desk underneath. Great item for the price!

We bought this bed for our 10 year old- the price is perfect as we don't think she will be in it for more than a year or two. It is a sturdy bed and the shelves are great.

My daughter is around 70 lbs and we are not concerned, it doesn't wobble and the ladder is solid. It did take quite awhile to put together and two people. My only gripe- the screw holes do not have coverings for them- so we have this pretty white bed and multiple visible silver screw heads along the front of the bed. But is it functional, a great price and my daughter loves it- so we are pleased with it. My son loves his new bed! He also loves the space it creates in his room and has created an Avengers cave underneath.

It's sturdy and not too complicated to put together. This is a great product for the price.

Other reviews have said it is a little wobbley- I thought rhat, too, as we finished putting it together. But once the bed was on the top bunk, it has been just fine. My husband probably wouldnt feel comfortable getting up on the bunk, but I have gotten on it with my daughter (combined weight of 200 lbs). This took at least an hour to put together, which I thought was pretty reasonable. It is very cute- We are very happy we bought it. My daughter that has her bed under the bunk loves the shelves! I really loved this item per the description but didn't realize it may have been too big to use in the space I needed it to. Practical and Sturdy Loft Bed.

This bed looks exactly as it does in the photos. We had to upgrade my step-son's bed and opted for this one since he will probably be home schooled for the upcoming school year.

Now my three year old daughter is asking me for one because she loves climbing up there. It took me and my husband about 4 hours total on the setup but it was pretty clear cut although he is rather handy. I wouldn't have been able to assemble this by myself but if you are good at building things then it won't be a problem. I love that the bed is sturdy and on the smaller side.

It fits in our apartment bedroom well and allows more space to be utilized in the kids' room for play. Overall we are very happy with this bed. Beautiful bed; made of durable materials. Be careful though , putting the bed up will require the assistance of another adult. My son is overly excited and now my daughter who is 10 wants the same bed. My 7yr old and I (Mom) were able to do all but lift the finished bed and place on its riser. It is surprisingly solid and durable. Very well constructed loft bed. Not the easiest build I have ever done, but once I figured out to build the lower portion first and then build the bed platform on top of the lower part, easy-peasy. Pretty decent for the price! My husband was able to put it together pretty quickly and without yelling out any obscenities. It is a little creaky however. I sit in a chair and read at night while my son drifts to sleep and I can hear every toss and turn with a creak. But overall, we are pretty satisfied with it! Pleased with the quality of this piece for a very low price.

Assembly took about 2 hours with 2 people. Nice bed at a great bargain.

The bed is beautiful, sturdy, and well designed. Also, the directions and organization of the parts were the best I have ever seen. I actually put it almost entirely together by myself before my husband got home.

He helped lift the bed on top and complete assembly. Teen or tween hangout and sleep area.

This bed looks more expensive than it is. It is sturdy and makes extra room in a small space. 13 year old enjoys her room more now.

Overall this is a nice looking sturdy bed. There were some issues with holes not being the right size, but we made do. It was straightforward to assemble, but it took a couple of hours.

We have low ceilings, so this bed is perfect for the small room it is in. For the price, it's a very nice bed. I think our daughter is going to love it.

She is getting a room make over for her birthday present. Bed is very sturdy and very nice.

Instructions are easy to understand. Great bed for my teenage daughter. Our daughter had her first night in it and loves it! This bed took about 5 hours to build. It wasnt hard just time consuming plus we kept getting interrupted by our kids.

I love the spce underneath. I would recommend this bed. My daughter loves her new loft bed we are very please! The bed is made very well doesnt seem cheap at all!

Missing ladder parts but called the company's number and got that resolve right away. My daughter is almost 13 and still love being a kid.

She loves forts and do to her height and size. The forts aren't big enough. The under bed space and shelves are perfect. She has her own fort area. The white is true white.

It took 5 hours to complete. Please if you can get two people. I did it by myself. The only problem that I have is some of the wood was dented and scratched.

You cannot be the price! Got it for my 5 year old daughter and its great quality, doesnt wobbly, very study! This bunk was more than I expected. Next time please add screw covers other then that I love it thus far. Love it for my 8 year old daughter! The height of the bed is perfect! The ladder shown a sign of a crack repaired with wood glue and paint.

I really love my daughters loft bed and shes very happy. The only problem was one of the wood pieces had a nick in it. Once the bed was assembled, we could hide that. Assembly was fairly straight forward.

Our child loves the bed! It was better than the picture! My son is finally sleeping in his own room and he loves the full size play area underneath. The ladder does not hurt their little feet because the steps are flat and it has large holes for handles to help children safely climb the ladder.

I chose this loft bed because it was slightly taller than the other low loft beds, providing more play area underneath. Its a great for small rooms giving more floor space for play area. The price was great and the quality of the bed is outstanding! It is super sturdy and perfect for any kid, teens included! We built it in an hour or so and it was surprisingly super easy!

We bought the bed for my 10 year old child and I know she will get plenty of years of use out it! It definitely exceeded our expectations, especially considering the price point was awesome! Very happy and will certainly be purchasing more from the better homes and garden line. Also, we had bought 6 12x12 bins as shown in my pictures and they fit perfectly on the shelves for storage.

I bought this for my daughter for Christmas. It looks great and went together easily. The shelving unit is very helpful for storage and she has room underneath for sitting or crafting. I would have given it a 5 star except when she moves in bed the unit moves also. We have never had a loft bed before and this may be the nature of these types of beds but it is a bit annoying. Great loft bed for our 5 year old! So far we love this loft bed for our 5 year old. It is much sturdier than I thought it would be, and the safety rail is a good enough height to prevent our son from falling during sleep. We love the great color as well. Only think I wish was that the instructions were a little more clear on some sections. I missing the orientations of some pieces and later had to undo what I did and switch the direction. It's my fault, but I felt that the instructions were small print and the pictures weren't always very clear. Aside from this, great loft bed and we are considering another one for our other son in the future.

We love the loft bed. Directions were easy to follow. Having 2 people to at least help with stacking is a must.

Good quality and great choice for my little one. Great product for my 10 yr olds bday present.. Easy instructions to follow and love the set up.. Just as pictured: really appreciate the ease of it..

Felt a bit overwhelmed by all the pieces when I took it out of the box but was pleasantly surprised. Perfect height for a standard ceiling room.

Only complain is that while the slatted book shelves look nice, the open slats make it impossible to set books on in a normal bookcase fashion. It is fabulous quality for the price! We were very satisfied with the puchase! I expected very cheap import quality materials and craftsmanship.

To our surprise, the opposite is true -- while the assembly instructions still generally sucked -- the detail of the wood finish was amazingly nice. We would definitely recommend this product to anybody shopping for a loft bed. The finished quality looks to be of several hundred dollars nicer than our cost! Looks good and easy instructions although very time consuming to put together.

Love the grey color, its not weathered just solid color. Its a lil lower than we hoped but it works to put a dresser under. Nice and easy to assemble. Step by step instructions, easy to assemble, fair price, daughter love it. I really have no complaints about the bed overall.

There were a couple pieces no labeled that caused some confusion when trying to make the fully assembly of the bed on the bookcase, but we figured it out. No complaints for my children either. Two of them helped me build it for their younger sibling. Took about 3 hours, but we had a good time.

My daughter has a very small room so when we seen this we thought it would be perfect so save space and for her to have more room for toys. It was perfect and she loves it! She four years old and she had no issues getting up and down. I bought her a barbie dream house shes been wanting, before we had no room for it but now it fits perfectly under the bed.

It was alot of work to build though, im a female and did it mostly by my self, I did need help for the bed to put up. Got the bed for my daughter and she loves it. It made a lot of room in her room. Great bed for a small room.

The bed turned out wonderfully and it looks great in my son's room. My son loves it though. It's his first big boy bed.

I love this loft bunk bed , great quality , easy my kids love it , BUT........ 1-its not easy to ensamble 2-it not too tall3-the book shelves , youll need baskets for put the books. Great bed at low price. I got the withe color and is bright, nice Bed easy to assemble, my husband did in about 1 hr.

All the pieces come complete and perfect shape, instructions include Over all, great bed great price. Solid Structure at a great price. This is a solid structure.

I have rambunctious boys, so I needed to make sure this would be a strong bed. There are additional safety elements in place. I was able to put it together by myself in a couple hours, although I think that it would be easier with two people. Great color, solid wood and hardware. I would recommend this bed without hesitation. All in all if my kid is happy I'm happy...... My 4 year old loves this bed! Spends hours in her room w her big girl bed. It is a nice sturdy bed. It was delivered a day sooner.

Great value for the price! Very easy to put together, and very sturdy for the price! The shelves are much larger than I thought they'd be, which is great!

The bed itself is great. Very sturdy bed, but took me several hours to put together. Overall great bed and my daughter loves it. I bought two of these for my sons. We had to completely clear out their bedroom to have enough room to put them together and it did take around 6-7 hours between my husband and I. Highly recommend using a GOOD drill for assembly. It probably would not have taken nearly as long if we had a better drill. Both beds are very sturdy and look great. There were no missing pieces or broken pieces. Very good quality for the price! Overall like the bed, some of the predrilled holes for the shelf were not right though. Went together without a hitch (daddy did it) our 7 year old loves it!! It's very sturdy and was easy to put together-about 3 or 4 hours. My 9 year old daughter loves it! We were looking for a middle-height bed because our ceilings are very low, and this was a great option. She moved her desk and bookshelf underneath, and while she can't stand up under it, she can sit at her desk. It's amazing how much more room she has now in her tiny little bedroom. It was fun putting this bed together with my daughter, who we bought it for. The packaging for the hardware was very nice and labeled well. All the parts were there and fit nicely.

Pay attention to the special warning instructions in red though. I had to take apart several pieces and move them around to get holes in the right spots. Overall a nice loft bed. Excellent customer service great quality, easy to assemble. All good after it's together!

Let me start with the only negative- the number of pieces it comes in! Whew, it was some work to put together!

However, once it is done, it is wonderful! My daughter loves all the extra floor space it gives her. I love that it is so versatile and sturdy.

I would highly recommend this bed! Great quality and easy assembly. We only have the bed set up for now until our new baby arrives. Big sister loves it so far!

The bed is perfect for my school aged children. The bed had some scratches and I highly recommend using a battery operated ratchet. Very easy to put together with more than one person and very sturdy.

My son has a small bedroom. Daughter loves the new bed.

I was a little hesitate about ordering after reading several reviews that it was wobbly. It is very study and does not wobble. My daughter is about 70 lbs.

This loft bed is very good at the proce range it's offered at(for those who don't know the weight limit is 500lbs). My daughter LOVES her new bed! It took a few hours to assemble but it was well worth it. It's sturdy and directions were easy to follow.

Looks great, not hard to put together either. Great Value and Solid Bed. Very much worth the price. The wood is very solid and nice.

The hardware is made to blend in with the color of the wood so that you cannot see it all. My teenagers helped put it together so the instructions were pretty easy to follow. When we climbed up the ladder there was no creaking noises and felt very solid. Great bed for the price, paint can be thicker. Great solid wood bed for the price, the paint/finish can be thicker.

It is sturdy alright, but probably design for smaller kid, it will shake a little bit with a 110lb body, also lower space is ok for bean bag chair and probably too low for regular chair. No problem with assembly, but some surfaces are dented. We bought this bed for our 5 year old and liked it so much that we just bought another one for our 3 year old. I love how it gives extra floor space underneath the bed.

It's sturdy but does take awhile to build. Only disappointment is that upon building it, we realized it was missing two major pieces and we are now in the process of trying to get those parts. The bed has been in pieces in the room all weekend. Hope it doesn't take forever to get what we need to finish the build.

It's a nice bed and pretty sturdy. It takes a while to put it together, but overall pleased with this bed for our preteen son.

This is a wonderful, sturdy bed for my seven year old is son! Bought two of these for both of my kids separate bedrooms, hoping to free up some space and help with organization. Super easy assembly, great price. The color was the same as shown online.

It is well built, and sturdy. Assemble in given room really read directions snd have patience it took 2 of us just over 2 hrs. But it is SUPER cute, we put our current white twin beneath it and she is in love (7yo-g). Just what my 11 year old wanted! This bed was perfect for my son's new room.

It took about 2.5 hours to put together, and I definitely used a drill rather than the Allen wrench that was included. 2 people are a must to lift the bed onto the bottom frame. Great value compared to others out there. It is heavy duty with a very nice finish and the price is amazing.

My daughter loves it too! This bed is very sturdy, and directions were good. Took me about 2 hours to put together by myself. Will need extra hands to lift top bunk up. Instructions were the easiest to follow of anything like this I've ever put together. It's a one person job except for when raising the bed to the top of the loft. You will need help for that. Also make sure you have a larger area to work in than you may expect. Bed is solid if built correctly and looks great in my daughter's room! Overall this bed is surprisingly strong. Went together easily but make sure you have plenty of room to assemble it.

Plenty of room for my 10 year old to work at her desk underneath it. Only 4 stars because the side shelves are slatted so makes it more difficult putting things on them.

Best bang for your buck. Having more floor storage is a real bonus.

Easy to put together (although it did take us about 2 hours), excellent price especially that it includes a bookshelf. Solid wood, can't beat it. We bought 4 of these beds in gray and white and are very happy with them. The instructions were super easy to follow and there were no missing pieces. The beds are sturdy and look great. We bought a 6 mattress and it's a good fit and makes me feel safe that my younger kids won't fall out if they really roll around a lot. An 8 mattress would probably be fine too but I felt safer getting the 6 inch. It took me about 1 day and half to build because i kept stopping, but the instructions were easy to follow. All the tools came with it and it had all the parts except for one the Rs, which was not an essential part of the bed.

It's a little wobbly, but it's to point where it is unsafe. I also weight about 120 pounds, I bought it for whenever I'm home for breaks. Great bed and great price! Great bed nice and sturdy! I was a little Skeptical Ordering this bed from.

It's so nice wood is thick and very sturdy! My 8 year old daughter loves it.

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  • Model: Kane
  • Department: Boys
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Item Height: 65
  • Additional Parts Required: No
  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Headboard Height: 65
  • Product Line: Kane
  • Material: Solid Wood
  • Footboard Height: 65
  • Box spring: No box spring needed
  • Type: Loft Bed
  • Features: Built in 3 shelves, ladder, rail, wood slats, under be
  • Color: Black, espresso, gray, natural
  • MPN: BHW-10010
  • Compatible Mattress Size: Twin, with capability to have twin over full
  • Item Length: 80
  • Care Instructions: Easy Care
  • Mattress Included: No
  • Brand: Better Homes and Gardens

Twin Size Bunk Loft Bed Solid Wood Teen Child Bedroom Furniture Shelves Ladder   Twin Size Bunk Loft Bed Solid Wood Teen Child Bedroom Furniture Shelves Ladder